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rocky rawstern Variations On A Cow gallery 2011

A visually enhanced stroll through the domain of a terribly twisted bovine.

Large format versions are available.

Reprint/resale permission is required.

Rocky Rawstern Artist

It all starts here...

Rocky Rawstern Artist

...then begins to morph.

Rocky Rawstern Artist

A minor tweek here ...

Rocky Rawstern Artist

A bit of a twist there ...

Rocky Rawstern Artist

... and as much attitute in her right front hoofie as an entire squadron
of freshly shaved weasels out for a night on the town with
dollars to spend and whiskey to spare.

Rocky Rawstern Artist

A new way to shake off the pounds!

Rocky Rawstern Artist

a funny thing happened on the way to the cow

Rocky Rawstern Artist
the force is strong with this one

Rocky Rawstern Artist
through a blender, softly

Rocky Rawstern Artist
Force 5 Mindquake

Rocky Rawstern Artist
Behind Bars

Rocky Rawstern Artist
the string cheese cow incident

Rocky Rawstern Artist
come in, Rangoon.

Rocky Rawstern Artist
and I just ate some kind of mushroom...

Rocky Rawstern Artist
Glassine Moo-age

Rocky Rawstern Artist

And lastly, one from my friend, "Tony G."

Rocky Rawstern
The Artist
"I am not an actor,
but I do play one in real life" RR 2001

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