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rocky rawstern with big hat # 2 june 2003
Poorly shaven man with big hat
aura over house april 2003
Aura over house april 2003
teeny the cat 2003
Teeny the cat 2003
odie is too pretty for words.  not to mention calm.
Odie is too pretty for words
teeny is staring at sonny.  odie is staring at rock (making sure he doesn't move too fast or suddenly), and sonny pretends to stare at nobody, but is secretely paying attention to the whole scene.
Gang of Three
teeny the cat 2003
Teeny in the weeds
janel and friends from 2003 samba in ashland oregon, july 4, 2003
Janel and friends Samba '03
a rainbow over the pasture - central point oregon 2003
Rainbow over the pasture
sonny posing against the sunset backdrop
Sunny posing at sunset
odie braces himself against stiff breeze
Odie braces against stiff breeze
teeny the cat 2003
Teeny on granite
odie boy getting ready for finger removal
Odie boy finger-biter

Miss Big Eyes, Dad, and Bubba

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Variations On A Cow
Hill Family Reunion 1983
Hill Family Reunion 2005, pg 1
Hill Family Reunion 2005, pg 2
Hill Family Reunion 2005, pg 3
Hill Family Reunion 2005, pg 4
Hill Family Reunion 2005, pg 5
Jon Parrish 50th Birthday
Whiskey Camp Adventure, June 2009
Samba 2006, pg 1
Samba 2006, pg 2

Samba 2007, pg 1
Samba 2007, pg 2

2008 in Review
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2010 in Review
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Our Wedding, pg 3
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Our Wedding, pg 6
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Halloween 2006, pg 1
Halloween 2006, pg 2

BillyChinook 2006, pg 1
BillyChinook 2006, pg 2

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