suggestions, observations, and things to consider.

Cheerfully give people more than they expect. Fall down occasionally. Get back up always. Everything in moderation, including moderation. Do what you say you're going to do. Let the sand trickle slowly out of your hand. Don't believe all you hear, spend all you have, or sleep all you want - unless you want to. Stop and Smell the Turnips. When you say, "I love you", mean it. When you say, "I'm sorry", look the person in the eye. A closed mouth gathers no feet. Never laugh at anyone's dreams. Love deeply and with vast passion. In disagreements, fight fairly - no name-calling. Smiles are free. Don't judge people by their relatives. Talk slow - think quick. Pack light. Climb a tree. ReCycle / ReUse / ReNew. Never knock on Death's door; ring the doorbell and run away! (he hates that!). Count your blessings (don't make a list or anything, just pay attention to them). Talk to cats - learn their Wisdom. Walk backwards - next Tuesday. Grab on with both hands. Remember that great love and great achievements both involve great risk. Call your mom. You can be young forever. The only difference between a rut and a grave is the depth. Shared pain is lessened; Shared joy is increased. Develop a voracious appetite for knowledge, and a mind that ranges and roams freely - not at all with the herd. Camp. When you lose, don't lose the lesson. The 4 R's: Respect for self; Respect for others; Respect for our earth; Responsibility for all your actions. Go soak your head. Hug many trees. Correct your mistakes soon. Smile when answering the phone. Hike. Marry a person you love to talk to. Spend time alone. Be your own Drummer. Ask impossible questions. Create your own Beat. HUM. You get a body, just one. Treat it kindly. Open your heart to the mystery. Go. Play in the Woods. Silence is sometimes the best answer. Bake your own bread. Read more books - watch less TV. Live an Honorable Life. Trust in the Universe, and lock your car. Deal Honestly. Think About Peace & Tranquility. Create Order where Chaos once reigned (and vice-versa). Read between the lines. Dance for no reason. Take the day off - tell them you are calling in 'well'. Share your knowledge it is Immortality. Swim with Dolphins. Be gentle with the earth. Never interrupt when you are being flattered. Cook outdoors. Mind your own business. Cast bread upon the water. Ask, "why?" Frequently, Boldly Go (someplace you've not). Not getting what you want is sometimes a stroke of luck. The best relationship is one where your love for each other is greater than your need. Seek harmony. Take the path less traveled. Judge your success by what you gave up in order to get it. Your Character is also your Destiny. Teach someone to fish. 3 (or more) Hugs a Day. Treat everyone as you would be treated. In the Wilds, take photographs, leave footprints. Throw wide the doors to perception. Fear-not too much fun. Make it a Vocation, not just a Job. Embrace Hope. Clean underwear is good. Fly in the face of reason. Take a child to lunch. Be one with the grass. Approach Love and Cooking with reckless abandon! Save a little bit for the finish.

Yesterday is History. Tomorrow, a Mystery. Live Well Today.

collected by rocky rawstern from various sources, including his own observations