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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use one of your images to link your site?
Sure. Please let me know about it so I can check out your site too.
... no adult sites or hate groups need apply ...

2. Are prints of your images available?
Yes. On request, limited edition, framed or not. Prices vary, and are reasonable.

3. Are you some kind of deranged freak?
Depends on your point of view! And if you consider being deranged as a liability or bonus. Bet you can guess my answer...

4. Did your parents have any children who turned out normal?
Nope! We're all of us pretty well accustomed to coloring outside the lines! Kids and Grandkid alike.

5. Who does your hair?
Some guy named Edward. Black suit, chaulky complexion, lots of scissors.

6. How often do you post new images?
Frequently. Usually every other day or so.

7. Are cows a great influence in your life?
Why Yes! they are. Click here and here

8. Does your girlfriend mind being seen with you in public?
No. In fact, she doesn't even mind wearing that big floppy hat, dark sunglasses, and trench coat!

9. Can I call you?
Sure. Just stand on your roof and call into the wind. The Universe will pick it up, and if it was meant for me to hear, I will hear it. Namaste.

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